Best Seat in the House

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Best Seat in the House
Available Yes
Released March 27, 2012
Views 1,645,249+

Best Seat In The House is an Animated Short episode. It is the second episode of season one, and the second episode overall. It was first aired on March 27, 2012. A penguin tries to find a seat when watching a movie at the Stage.

Episode Description[edit]

It starts when a penguin who is wearing a Blue Shirt (known as the Aqua Penguin) enters The Stage for a movie, but he can't find a perfect seat. He first moves when a penguin with Puffles blocks his view with his tall hat and makes him switch places. Then two penguins call each other, send text messages and make him move to a quiet seat. After that, another penguin eats some pizza and makes a fart sound which moves him next to Jet Pack Guy.

Jet Pack Guy leaves to buy Popcorn and the penguin activates his Jet Pack, which flies through the roof. The penguin moves because he gets caught. Yet when he moves, he sees that one of the penguin's puffles from the seat next to him wants some of his popcorn. He gives the puffle some and soon all of the puffles want his popcorn, then he moves. Then two ninjas play Card-Jitsu with their soda and popcorn. The soda hits the main penguin then he moves.

Then most penguins who left come back with refreshments, even Jet Pack Guy on his Jet Pack. Herbert P. Bear and Klutzy come in. Herbert gets the snow off him and hits some penguins, including the Aqua Penguin. They throw snowballs at him and the Aqua penguin makes a finale by throwing the snowball at the screen, and then it ends.



  • This short was released before March 27th in United States movie theaters.
  • It is unknown why The Stage was showing a movie and not a play.
  • When Jet Pack Guy re-entered the Stage, his jetpack floats all by itself.
  • Before the short starts, Jet Pack Guy is shown placing the Disney logo above the Club Penguin logo.
  • This is currently the only animated short where you can't hear the characters talking.
    • This could be because only two characters are shown talking, but their words are shown in speech bubbles.