Best Beach Party

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Best Beach Party
Available Yes
Released August 10, 2015
Views Unknow

Best Beach Party is a song performed by Jangrah. It was released on the TV special Club Penguin: Penguin Monster Beach Party.


Sunshine, sand dunes, DJs on the deck.
Volleyballs, surf boards, sunscreen check!
The fun will be to a T if we just stick with the plan!

Planning, perfection, precision, punctuality!

Umbrellas up, lifeguard on duty!
Tunes are hot, and extra tuney!
Another look, at my list, nothingness, got this!
Check check check-aroonie!

This is gonna be the best beach party
I'm gonna pull it off, perfectly!
A summer day, holiday, getaway, in the suuuun!
Everybody better have fun!

This is gonna be, the best beach party!
Cause I'm gonna pull it off perfectly.
A summer day, holiday, getaway, all day longggg.
Ha, what could possibly go wronggg?
What could possibly go wrong?