Bean Counters

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Bean Counters
Bean Counters Logo.PNG

The Game Logo
Players 1
Minigame Location Coffee Shop
Date released October 24, 2005
Stamps awarded No
Bean Counters is a Club Penguin mini-game that can be played by clicking on the java bean bag in the Coffee Shop. In this game, the player has to catch flying bags full of coffee beans coming out of a truck, while avoiding flying objects and load them onto a platform. You cannot hold more than five coffee bean bags, as you will be crushed by weight and will lose a life. You can collect more lives as you advance in levels. There are five trucks to unload, therefore, there are five levels. If you finish all of them, you will receive an extra 60 coins added on to the amount of coins that you've already earned. In March 2011, it received a graphical makeover along with Jelly Bean Counters, another version of the game.
The starting screen.
The game play.

Flying Objects[edit]

There are various flying objects that come out of the truck, referred to as obstacles. The obstacles are the anvil, the fish and the flowerpot. In the third to the fifth level (5th level) there are fish which always land near the "bagging area" or the counter. In the fourth level the flowerpot flies out almost always in the middle with the anvils and the fishes flying out as well. The fifth levels of the game is the same as the fourth but it goes a bit faster.

  • Coffee sack - The player is supposed to catch and load the bags in each level: they will then appear on the counter. They are replaced with bags of jellybeans in Jelly Bean Counters.
  • Extra Life - These tokens give the player one extra life. They only appear in levels 3 and 5. They appear as a penguin's head on a star-shaped background.
  • Anvil - Anvil always land near the truck. They are replaced with peppermint anvils in Jelly Bean Counters.
  • Fish - The fish always land near the counter. They are replaced with Gummy Fish in Jelly Bean Counters.
  • Flowerpot - Flowerpots always land near the middle. They are replaced with lollipop vases in Jelly Bean Counters.
  • Candy Shield - Protects you from flying objects. Only seen in Jelly Bean Counters.


Level 1[edit]

In Level 1, the player just has to catch bags at a slow pace, with no obstacles.

Level 2[edit]

In Level 2, the player must catch bags while avoiding flying anvils that also come out of the truck.

Level 3[edit]

In Level 3, the player must catch bags while avoiding flying anvils and fish that come out of the truck.

Level 4[edit]

In Level 4, the player must catch bags while avoiding flying anvils, fish, and flowerpots that come out of the truck.

Level 5[edit]

In Level 5, all the flying objects from the previous levels are abundant and the game plays at a faster pace.

When all the trucks have been unloaded successfully, the player gets a 60 coin bonus.

Perfect Employee bonus


If you hold any bags when any truck is unloaded, keep loading them to the platform before next level starts, and you'll earn 50 coins for every bag you unloaded when you did this. Each obstacle also falls in the same place each time. Also as of March 2011, you can now play Jelly Bean Counters by clicking on the bottom left hand corner of the top java bag that your penguin is holding.

Jelly Bean Counters[edit]

See main article: Jelly Bean Counters.

Jelly Bean Counters is a different version of Bean Counters with bags of jelly beans instead of coffee bags.

Bug Tip:You earn more coins with Jelly Bean Counters.


  • There was a cheat to make money when you went to play and clicked the igloo button before the box asking if you want to play popped up, then playing at your igloo. You would keep clicking exit to up your score. The Club Penguin team has fixed this glitch and you will be removed from the server if you try it.
Power Card

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Empilha a Pilha
French Rapido Expresso
Spanish Atrapabolsas
German Schnelle Bohne
Russian Кофе разгрузка



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