Battle of Doom (Room)

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Battle of Doom
Where On top of the Everyday Phoning Facility
Opened May 31, 2011
Closed June 13, 2011
Mini-Games None
ID 899
Tour Description
"This is the rooftop of the EPF. It appears that Herbert is trying to destroy us! According to G's notes... The Hydras each have a weakness! Snowballs for the Red Hydra. Lava for the Blue Hydra. Laser breath for the Yellow Hydra. Good luck Elite Agents!

"This is the rooftop of the EPF. It was damaged recently in an attack... by Herbert P Bear in a Hydra-Bot! Repair crew are working around the clock... and our orders are to help them out!"

The Battle of Doom was a room in Club Penguin. In this room, players needed to destroy the hydra that was commanded by Herbert P. Bear. The fight was near identical to the one in Ye Knight's Quest 3 except the hydras attacked more area. Once players defeated the hydra, the player was awarded with three medals, the EPF Badge pin, and a hydra head (only for members). The answer you picked when talking to Herbert would depend on which head went first. Players could battle the hydra as many times as they want.

Herbert's Answers[edit]

When you enter the room, Herbert will start talking to you. He will say different things depending if you already beat the Hydra:

Before Defeat[edit]

  • Ahh! Look who decided to show up.
  • Are you impressed by what I've done to your Entirely Phony Facility?
  • This is what happens when you leave dangerous equipment lying around after a certain pesky Medieval Party!

After Defeat[edit]

  • Well well well, look who's back!
  • What? You thought you defeated me? That I couldn't REPAIR the Hydra bot?
  • Well this time the joke's on you. THIS time you will not win!

After that, three options will show up for you to answer Herbert. This is what he will say if you select the answers:

What are you talking about?[edit]

  • Just a certain Hydra machine you penguins built for your ridiculous celebration.
  • I have, of course, made a few upgrades to it. Now it's a perfect machine for destruction!
  • After I'm finished with you and your precious headquarters, I'll be moving to the rest of Club Penguin!
  • Klutzy! Bring down the Hydra Bot!

Give yourself up, Herbert![edit]

  • Tell that to my brilliant new invention!
  • Klutzy! Bring down the Hydra Bot!

Umm... Who are you?[edit]

  • WHAT!?
  • I'm Herbert P. Bear Esquire!
  • I'm the genius who's going to heat up this miserably cold island...
  • ...and put an end to all the nonsense you penguins get up to!
  • Hmmph, you must be a new agent.
  • Klutzy! Bring down the Hydra Bot!