Battle of Doom

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Battle of Doom
Battle of Doom.PNG

The EPF Rooftop while battling Herbert.
Members only No
When May 31, 2011 - June 13, 2011
Free Item(s) Non-Member
EPF Badge pin

Blue Hydra Head, Red Hydra Head and Yellow Hydra Head

Mascot(s) None
Where Ski Village, Everyday Phoning Facility, Battle of Doom (Room)

The Battle of Doom was an event in Club Penguin. It started on May 31, 2011 and it ended on June 13, 2011. Players battled Herbert here.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
EPFBadgePin.PNG EPF Badge pin* Battle of Doom No
BlueHydraHead.PNG Blue Hydra Head* Battle of Doom Yes
Red Hydra Head.png Red Hydra Head* Battle of Doom Yes
YellowHydraHead.PNG Yellow Hydra Head* Battle of Doom Yes

* Items only available until June 6.