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Available No
Type Neck Item
Member item No
Party Wild West Party, Surprise Party
Cost Free
150 coins
Where found Plaza
Penguin Style
Item ID(s) 192
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If you were looking for the "Bandana" from the June 2007 Rockhopper's Rare Items, click here.

The Bandana (also known as the Red Bandana) is a neck item in Club Penguin. It was a free item in the Western Party 2006 and it was available to all penguins of Club Penguin. It was found at the Plaza. It was also released in the Penguin Style catalog in January 2013, for all players to buy. Similar items might be the Red Paisley Bandana and the Polka-Dot Bandanna.


The Bandana is a common item in Club Penguin. It made its debut at the Western Party 2006, and was re-released in 2007. Originally a rare item, it was available for purchase in the January 2013 Penguin Style catalog, after five years of not being available.

Party Catalog Available from Available until
Wild West Party None July 14, 2006 July 17, 2006
Surprise Party None November 23, 2007 November 26, 2007
None Penguin Style January 3, 2013 August 5, 2015



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Bandana
French Le Bandana Rouge Cowboy
Spanish Bandana
German Halstuch
Russian Бандана