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Full Name Bambadee
Species Penguin
Position None
Appeared In the story Rockhopper and the Stowaway, A Penguin Christmas Carol
Color Light Blue
Clothing Friendship Bracelet
Related To Unknown
Friends With Rockhopper, Yarr, Scrooge, Smulley, Suneroo
Meetable Character? No
We had some great parties then, too. My favorite has always been the Pirate Party.
— Bambadee

Bambadee was a stowaway that Rockhopper found on his ship in March 2007, a day before the St. Patrick's Day party, just after leaving Club Penguin Island one day. Bambadee wears a striped friendship bracelet which he made himself; this item was soon released as a free item in the book Rockhopper and the Stowaway. Bambadee had snuck onto the Migrator because the penguins on Club Penguin Island were teasing him because they were jealous of his bracelet.


Bambadee was often teased on Club Penguin Island due to other penguins envy for his bracelet. Sometime before the St. Patrick's Day Party 2007 Bambadee hid in the Migrator to sail to another island as a stowaway. When Rockhopper finds him, Bambadee uses a white sheet as a ghost costume to convince Rockhopper to take Bambadee far away from Club Penguin Island forever. After Rockhopper figures out the ghost was fake, Rockhopper becomes Bambadee's friend. When they land on Club Penguin, everybody apologizes to Bambadee.