Backstage Pass

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Backstage Pass
Available No
Type Neck Item
Member item Yes
Party Music Jam 2008
Cost 50 coins
Where found Shirts Rock Catalog
Item ID(s) 199
:Were you looking for one of the All Access Passes?

The Backstage Pass is a rare neck item in Club Penguin. It is a members-only item and was available for 50 coins in the Shirts Rock Catalog. It was used to get access to the Back Stage during Music Jam 2008. Similar items are the three All Access Passes.


The Backstage Pass was released in the Shirts Rock Catalog on July 25, 2008. During the Music Jam 2008 it was used by members to access the Back Stage party room. It is a rare item, and as such is quite popular among penguins who own it. However, it was the most popular during the Music Jam 2008 due to it being the way to get into the Back Stage.

Release history[edit]

Catalog Party Available from Available until
Shirts Rock Catalog Music Jam 2008 July 25, 2008 August 5, 2008


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Passe do Camarim
French Le Pass VIP
Spanish Pase de acceso a bambalinas
German Backstage-Pass
Russian Пропуск за кулисы