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Where In the Stage, behind the “exit” sign.
Opened Penguin Play Awards 2009
Penguin Play Awards 2010
Closed At the end of Penguin Play Awards 2009 and Penguin Play Awards 2010
Mini-Games None
ID  ?
Tour Description
Welcome backstage! There is something here for everyone. Grabs some water or cocoa... freshen your makeup, or take a break... Those chairs are for interviews!
Were you looking for the Back Stage from the Music Jam parties or for the Big Momma's Backstage from the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam?

The Backstage was a temporary members-only room during both editions of the Penguin Play Awards. It was first opened on the 20 March, 2009 in conjunction with the first edition of the awards. It was only accessible through the Stage. As this was one of only two main rooms during the event, it was very popular and often full. Several mascots made appearances here for the Penguin Play Awards 2009, including Gary, Aunt Arctic, Cadence and The Penguin Band, though only Aunt Arctic and Cadence returned for the 2010 edition.


The room is filled with chairs, makeup tables, and features a couch to the right.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Party
Penguin Play Award.PNG Penguin Play Award Penguin Play Awards 2009 & 2010
VideoCamera.png Video Camera Penguin Play Awards 2010