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Backgrounds from November 2007.

Backgrounds are special images designed to decorate one's player card. When placed on, they are located behind your penguin. They were first available on May 30, 2006. They are always available to all players if it is found in the Snow and Sports catalog or the Penguin Style catalog. Backgrounds can be bought in Penguin Style, Costume Trunk, Snow and Sports Catalogs and sometimes on Party Catalogs for 60 coins each. In every new sport, costume and clothing catalog, Club Penguin either releases a new background or brings back an old one.

If you meet Rockhopper, the Penguin Band, Gary, Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Sensei or Rookie they will give you a signed background when you click on a special button on their player card. Also, players can obtain backgrounds by completing Scavenger Hunts such as The Band's Instrument Hunt, Light Bulb Hunt, Easter Scavenger Hunts and Halloween Candy Hunts.

Backgrounds can be bought in the Costume Trunk at The Stage ever since the encore of the Space Adventure play.

When Rockhopper is at Disney World, a code is given and you can unlock the Exclusive Background online.

Sometimes, backgrounds are animated. An example for that is the Top Of The Mountain Background.


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