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The Screen view.
Players 1
Minigame Location The Iceberg in Herbert's Revenge
Date released NAMap.png: May 25, 2010
EUFlag.png: June 17, 2010 (UK and Australia)
Stamps awarded None
:For the mini-game on the Iceberg in Club Penguin, see Aqua Grabber.

AquaRescue is a minigame in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge. It is somewhat similar to Aqua Grabber.


You will be in the Aqua-Grabber, starting out with ten life-preservers that you need to push back with the stylus to shoot them into the spikes so the island won't sink. Do this regularly to make sure the island doesn't sink, or you lose. Pushing back more will increase the speed of the life-preserver. Also, there will be coins that will be added to your own coins, 5x Life-Preserver items when life-preservers are scarce, and anchors to make the speed of the game slower to help get items without moving too quickly, that will be in your view that can be caught be having your life-preserver pass it while being launched. There are two kinds of enemies in this game. Pufferfish can be in your view that could pop your life-preserver if it happens to come in contact it. They can also become bigger or smaller at times. Eels can pass by quickly and surprisingly and they will pop your life-preserver if it contacts it, like the blow-fishes. An interesting feature is that a Inflatable Octopus can be launched to help the player collect all the coins, 5x Life-Preserver items, and anchors that are in your view and the Inflatable Whale can be launched to get rid of all enemies in your view. These items can be used in place of the life-preservers if you run out of them. Note that the Inflatable Octopus and Inflatable Whale will have to be charged for a while to be used again after being used once. After a while, the game will come to an end when the Aqua-Grabber reaches the edge of the island.


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  • If you happen to make two life-preservers be in the same spike, you will receive ten extra coins. This can only be done if it is a long spike.
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