April Fools' Party 2011

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April Fools' Party 2011
April Fools 2011 Party Logo.
Members only No
When March 24, 2011 - April 5, 2011
Free Item(s)

Purple Propeller Hat, Rookie's Giveaway Background

Box Costume, Delivery Hat, Delivery Outfit
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) Rookie
Where Majority of the island
Preceded by
Puffle Party 2011
Succeeded by
Earth Day 2011
Box Dimension can't be mapped.

The April Fools' Party 2011 was a party on Club Penguin. It was Club Penguin's sixth annual April Fools' Party. It was first confirmed on the membership page. It began on March 24, 2011. It was revealed that the party was starting earlier than other years because an "anonymous agent" (hinted to be Rookie) accidentally opened new boxes in the Box Dimension. Construction started March 21. Rookie was meetable during this party. It was supposed to end on April 3 but it was extended, like all other parties, to April 5.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
PurplePropellerHat.png Purple Propeller Hat Dock No
Rookie'sGiveawayBackgroundIcon.PNG Rookie's Giveaway Background Obtained by meeting Rookie No
BoxCostume.png Box Costume Silly Scavenger Hunt Yes
DeliveryHat.png Delivery Hat A Strange Dimension Yes
DeliveryOutfit.png Delivery Outfit A Strange Dimension Yes

Special Club Penguin Times issue[edit]

The special Club Penguin Times issue had multiple things changed in it other than drawings all over it:

  • If you click in "Box Dimension can't be mapped" it will turn in "Headline grub grub headline"
  • "Ask Aunt Arctic" was turned to "Ask the Rookie".
  • There are boxes floating in the pages. If you roll over them, random objects will pop out.
  • If you click in the word "time", the portal box (in St. Patrick's Igloo Contest), the fantasy (in Upcoming Events) or in the Rookie (Page 2), many jokes will appear.

Silly Scavenger Hunt[edit]

Main article: Silly Scavenger Hunt


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Party Pictures[edit]


  • "BERG BERG BERG IS THE WORD" is probably a reference to the 1963 The Trashmen's song, Surfin' Bird.
  • Most of the dimensions have old music, for example, A Strange Dimension has Winter Luau music.
  • Strangely, the Music Catalog was removed during the party because there were other boxes located near the stairs.
  • This is the first and only April Fools' Party that had construction.

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