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VR Room
VR Room.png
Where In the EPF Command Room
Opened June 10, 2010
Closed November 15, 2012
(Open 2 years, 5 months, 5 days)
Mini-Games Secret Missions
ID 213
Tour Description
This is called the VR Room. VR stands for Virtual Reality. Here you can see what the old HQ looked like, before it was destroyed by a popcorn device.
The VR Room (also known as the Agent VR or Hologram Room) was a virtual reality room in Club Penguin Island where you could access all three designs of the PSA HQ by using a hologram. These included the HQ from 2005, 2007, and May 2010 after it was popcorn-bombed. Penguins could also play Secret Missions here. However, the room was just a hologram, and some features of the old HQs were not usable. It was accessed through the Tube Transport in the EPF Command Room. The EPF Command Room and Tube Transport were destroyed on November 15, 2012, so access to this room is no longer available.

Hologram modes[edit]

These were all the hologram modes and their descriptions:


Your penguin always saw this before pressing the buttons. All you saw were "squares", the Hologram Exit Tube, and the mission computer.

HQ 2005[edit]

This was what the HQ looked like when it was first built. Because this was a hologram, this was the ONLY place where you could walk on walls on the server side.

HQ 2007[edit]

This was what the HQ looked like in 2007. You couldn't use these screens to teleport, because it was a hologram.

HQ 2010[edit]

Basically, this was what happened after Herbert popcorn-bombed the Spy Headquarters. This was the only way to see what happened after HQ became inaccessible, unless you used hacking programs (which are currently disabled) to get to the real room .


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Sala de RV
French Salle de VR
Spanish Sala de VR
German VR-Zimmer
Russian N/A


  • The HQ 2007 showed the Dojo Courtyard and the black screen, but those screens didn't appear until November 2008.

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