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Full Name Paige
Species Penguin
Position Elitist
Appeared Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, Puffle Party 2015, Puffle Party 2016
Color Brown
Originally Pink
Clothing Hair and Hat, Outfit, Puffle Whistle (in Game and Newspaper)
Related To Unknown
Friends With You, Elite Puffles, The Director, Gary, Dot, Rookie
Meetable Character? Yes
G'day! I'm here to teach you how to care for your puffle!
— Puffle Handler

Paige[1] (better known as Puffle Handler, PH, and Agent PH) is the EPF Agent who trained all of the Elite Puffles. She has also been a meetable mascot since the Puffle Party 2012, and is responsible for the discovery of Brown Puffles and Rainbow Puffles.



Her first appearance was in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. As the Elite Puffle trainer, she gives you a Puffle Whistle . She also shows you how to utilize the Elite Puffle’s abilities in missions 2, 5, 7, and 8, after which she takes you to the Puffle Training Room for the Elite Puffle Test. In Mission 7, you must get her out of a bubble made by Pop. Her last appearance was in Mission 13, when she expressed her concern about the Elite Puffles after they were taken by Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000.


Agent PH appeared once in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge, despite her larger role in the previous game. In mission 1, she is in the EPF Training Facility, where she sends the agents into special doors that require the Elite Puffles to exit.


PH’s next appearance, and first appearance online, was on February 24, 2011, in the 280th issue of The Club Penguin Times. In it, she was called “The island’s resident puffle expert”. Her appearance had severely changed though when compared to her video game counterpart. She still wore an Australian-style Hat and Puffle Whistle, however she was brown instead of pink, had brown hair, and she also wore a survival-style belt and shoes. In addition, she now also had freckles, like Aunt Arctic. In March she was the head of a new project to renovate the Pet Shop, to make it more comfortable and fun for the puffles; with activities such as Puffle Launch. Starting on March 7, 2011, she appears on the Puffle Card the first time you look at it to show you how to take care of your puffle(s). In October she came up with the idea of Puffle Hats for puffles to wear.


In 2012 PH’s outfit was updated again. She still had an Australian-style hat and hair, but the hat was changed slightly. Also, instead of a belt she now wore a pink shirt with a jacket over it and brown shorts; and she no longer had shoes. She became an official mascot during the Puffle Party 2012.


From January until March 2013 PH was following a trail of hints and evidence, which eventually lead to her discovering Rainbow Puffles in March 2013. Along with the new art style, PH’s outfit was slightly changed again. Rather than brown shorts, she wore a dress with a belt on it.

After the Medieval Party 2013, she joined Gary and researched golden Puffle O's/O-Berries. She then visited the island during the Operation: Puffle and helped discover the Gold Puffle.

List of Quotes[edit]

  • Hi there!
  • G'day!
  • It's great to see so many puffle fans!
  • Wow so many puffles!
  • Hey how's it going mates?
  • How is everyone and their puffles?
  • Great to see ya!
  • How ya goin?
Puffle Feeding
  • Great puffle ya got there
  • What's its name?
  • Great name
  • Good on ya!
  • Here's a treat for your puffle
  • one treat for your puffle...
  • ...one for me!
  • eats puffle o
  • TASTY!
  • Puffle O's are DELICIOUS!
  • here try one!
  • tasty right?
  • no?
  • ok suit ya self
  • If you don't like Puffle O's, there's always cookies!
  • you can find more treats in the Puffle Catalog at the Pet Shop
  • what does your puffle like best?
  • carrots?
  • gives carrot
  • Puffle O's?
  • gives puffle o
  • Pizza?
  • gives pizza
  • Cookies?
  • gives cookie
  • All this talk about puffle treats...
  • ...is making me hungry for more puffle os!
(Playzone) Puffle Feeding
  • Here take this treat!
  • throws
  • nice catch!
  • hahaha
  • TASTY!
  • puffle o's are DELICIOUS!
  • want another?
  • here ya go!
  • good right?
(Playzone) Roleplay
  • ya look familiar
  • do i know you from the wilds?
  • blows whistle
  • ok!
  • let's have a race
  • line up here puffles!
  • let's cool off in the pool
  • make sure not to run around the pool...
  • ...I mean...
  • ...don't bounce too fast
  • cannonball!
  • let's do some laps!
  • alright let's tackle this rock wall
  • it looks hard but it just takes practice
  • take it one rock at a time
  • don't look down!
  • well done!
  • you climbed up really fast
  • you've definitely got the hang of it
  • have ya ever tried Puffle O'berry coffee
  • it's fantastic
  • perks you right up
  • who needs a new hair-do?
  • let me style your hair!
  • washes and conditions
  • brushes hair
  • makes mohawk
  • makes braids
  • makes dreadlocks
  • colors red
  • colors black
  • colors hot pink
  • adds bow
  • adds bandana
  • adds hat
  • Ya look great!
  • who's next?
  • let's play PH says!
  • when i say 'PH says'...
  • ...you have to show me the emote i say
  • BUT if i don't say PH says...
  • ...don't do anything!
  • PH says...
  • ...show me hearts!
  • ...show me coins!
  • ...show me smiles!
  • ...show me barf faces!
  • ...show me cake!
  • ...show me frowns!
  • ...show me mad faces!
  • ...show me moons!
  • ...show me puffles!
  • AHA! i didn't say 'PH says'!
  • did i get ya?
  • good job!
  • i didn't fool ya!
  • want to play again?
  • let's play again
(Playzone) Training
  • do ya know any tricks?
  • let's see
  • SIT!
  • STAY!
  • good job mate!
  • can ya do a trick for me?
  • watches
  • Crikey! What a trick!
  • that deserves five puffle os!
  • have ya taught your pet any tricks?
  • what tricks does your puffle know?
  • that's cool!
  • wow you're a puffle whisperer!
  • i've never seen that trick before!
  • ok try teaching your puffle to stay
  • watch...
  • STAY!
  • SIT!
  • see?
  • it worked
  • hahaha
  • now you try!
  • what's your puffles favorite toy?
  • what about games?
  • your pet seems well behaved
  • you're a great puffle handler!
  • too right mate!
  • what's your puffle's favorite food?
  • yum!
Puffle Trivia
  • wanna play a game?
  • i'll describe a kind of puffle...
  • ...and you say what it is!
  • ready?
  • ok try to guess
  • that's it!
  • you're right!
  • too right!
  • nice try
  • ooh close
  • good guess mate!
  • try again
  • this puffle is majestic
  • it farts sparkles
  • it's from the Cloud Forest
  • it's the rainbow puffle!
  • this puffle loves inventing
  • its favorite toy is a rocket
  • we found it on the Wilderness Expedition
  • it's the brown puffle!
  • this puffle is very loyal
  • everyone can adopt it
  • its favorite toy is a bouncy ball
  • it's the blue puffle!
  • this puffle loves dancing
  • Cadence has one named Lolz!
  • its favorite toy is a disco ball
  • it's the purple puffle!
  • this puffle is smaller than the others
  • but it's very powerful!
  • it likes to ice skate
  • it's the white puffle!
  • this puffle is very creative
  • its favorite game is DJ3K
  • it likes to paint
  • it's the yellow puffle!
  • this puffle is silly
  • its favorite game is Jet Pack Adventure
  • it can ride a unicycle!
  • it's the green puffle!
  • this puffle is very adventurous
  • Rockhopper says he discovered it
  • its favorite game is Catchin Waves
  • it's the red puffle!
  • this puffle comes from the Box Dimension
  • it likes to chew on everything!
  • it's the only puffle with buck teeth
  • it's the orange puffle!
  • this puffle is intense
  • its favorite game is Cart Surfer
  • it LOVES hot sauce
  • it's the black puffle!
  • this puffle is sporty
  • it's a great swimmer
  • its favorite game is Aqua Grabber
  • it's the pink puffle!
  • this way puffles!
  • here puffles!
  • this way everyone
  • blows whistle
  • follow me
  • where do ya want to go?
  • great idea
  • to the Play Zone!
  • to the Puffle Hotel!
  • upstairs!
  • downstairs!
  • to the spa
  • to the roof
  • come on everyone





  • It was first renamed in March 2012 to “Ask PH”, due to the then upcoming Puffle Party 2012.
  • The second time in March 2013 to “Ask PH”, due to the then upcoming Puffle Party 2013.
  • With her penguin name only two characters long, PH is the first meetable penguin to have a name shorter than four characters.
  • Her favorite food is Puffle-Os.
  • Her favorite game is Puffle Paddle.
  • She has an Australian accent, according to the Elite Penguin Force video game.
  • PH stands for “Puffle Handler”, since that is her occupation.
  • PH has changed or added to her outfit 4 times.
  • According to Disney Australia, PH’s name is Paige.
  • When penguins met her during her visits at the Puffle Party 2014 her stamp earned message appeared green, saying that it was an easy stamp instead of a hard stamp.
  • Midway through the Puffle Party 2014, penguins could get her Gold Puffle Giveaway background from her player card on their friends list.
  • She owns a orange puffle named Pete.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese TP
French DP
Spanish EP
German PH
Russian ПВ
Puffle Handler Sightings

Puffle Party 2012 · Puffle Party 2013 · Gold Puffle Launch · Operation: Puffle · Puffle Party 2014 · Puffle Party 2015 · International Cat Day[2]