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The Advent Calendar.

The Advent Calendar was a countdown calendar of the days before the Christmas Day. It was located in the Forest during the Holiday Party 2011. On Club Penguin, everyday, the player could win a prize. If you forgot to get an item from the day earlier, you could still get the item the next day. A similar feature, known as the Holiday Gifts Calendar appeared at the Holiday Party 2012. The difference was that it only released items for 6 days, but released a member furniture item and a non-member clothing item each day. It returned on December 1, 2015 in preparation to the Holiday Party 2015 located in the Snow Forts.



During the event, members and all players could obtain certain items on a given day of December. Aunt Arctic introduced it starting December 1st, 2015 and it will continue to run up until Christmas (December 25th, hence the 25 days).

List of Items[edit]

Click expand to view the 2011 items
Item Image Type Day
The Jingle Bell TheJingleBell.PNG Head Item 1
Holiday Tree Background HolidayTreeBackgroundCard.PNG Background 2
Candy Cane Duo Pin CandyCaneDuoPin.PNG Pin 3
CFC Cap CFCCap.PNG Head Item 4
North Pole Background NorthPoleBackgroundCard.PNG Background 5
Holiday Stocking Pin HolidayStockingPin.PNG Pin 6
The Tree Topper TheTreeTopper.PNG Head Item 7
Sweet Treat Background SweetTreatBackgroundCard.PNG Background 8
Milk 'N Cookies Pin MilkNCookiesPin.PNG Pin 9
The Hornament Hat TheHornamentHat.PNG Head Item 10
Holiday Magic Background HolidayMagicBackgroundCard.PNG Background 11
Gingerbread Cookie Costume GingerbreadCookieCostume.PNG Body Item 12
Click expand to view the 2015 items
Item Image Type Day Members Only?
Shortbread Costume Shortbread.png Body Item 1 Yes
Holiday Teddy HolidayTeddy.PNG Hand Item 2 No
Purple Lightbulb PurpleLightbulb.PNG Head Item 3 No
Woodland Reindeer Costume WoodlandReindeerCostume.png Body Item 4 Yes
Festive Chair FestiveChair.PNG Room Furniture 5 No
Holiday Puffle Story HolidayPuffleStory.png Body Item 6 Yes
The Jingle Bell TheJingleBell.PNG Head Item 7 No
The Gift TheGift.png Head Item 8 Yes
Holly Jolly Couch HollyJollyCouch.PNG Room Furniture 9 No
Festive Socks FestiveSocks.PNG Feet Item 10 Yes
Reindeer Antlers Reindeer Antlers.PNG Head Item 11 No
The Holiday Express TheHolidayExpress.PNG Hand Item 12 Yes
Green Lightbulb GreenLightbulb.PNG Head Item 13 No
Festive Sweater FestiveSweater.PNG Body Item 14 Yes
Holly Jolly Tree HollyJollyTree.PNG Room Furniture 15 No
Blue Penguin Stuffie Costume BluePenguinStuffieCostume.png Body Item 16 Yes
Red Mittens RedMittens.PNG Hand Item 17 No
The Claus TheClaus.PNG Head Item 18 Yes
Holiday Wreath HolidayWreath.png Wall Furniture 19 No
Gift Costume GiftCostume.png Body Item 20 Yes
Hot Chocolate HotChocolate.PNG Hand Item 21 No
The Sweet-tooth Special TheSweet-toothSpecial.PNG Body Item 22 Yes
Little Red Wagon LittleRedWagon.PNG Hand Item 23 No
Reindeer Handler Uniform ReindeerHandlerUniform.PNG Body Item 24 Yes
Deluxe Gingerbread House DeluxeGingerbreadHouseIcon.png Igloo 25 No




  • With each day a new present is available, but along with this present, one of the 12 candy canes light up, along with one of twelve lights around the house.
  • There was a glitch where penguins were able to get all the presents in advance, simply by changing the date on their computers.

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