Adopt A Puffle

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Adopt a Puffle

The front cover of the last Puffle Catalog before the updates on March 2011.
Date released March 17th 2006.
Location Pet Shop
Sells Puffles
Available No
Updates Every time when a new puffle arrives.

This article is about the Adopt A Puffle Catalog, which no longer exists. For the puffle handbook, see Puffle Handbook. Adopting and Caring for Your Puffle, also called Adopt A Puffle was a How-To book and catalog located in the Pet Shop. It gave players the needed information about puffles and let them adopt them. It helped players if that was their first puffle adoption.

Topics Inside[edit]

Old Topics[edit]

  • Table of Contents
  • About the Puffles
  • Puffle Colors
    • Blue Puffle
    • Red Puffle
    • Pink Puffle
    • Black Puffle
    • Green Puffle
    • Purple Puffle
    • Yellow Puffle
  • Puffle Care
    • I Have a Puffle, What Do I Do Now?
    • The Puffle Player Card
    • Puffle Walking
    • What Happens When I'm Gone?
    • My Puffle Is Gone! What Happened?


  • Every time a new puffle came out, there was a new catalog. When this happened, every page was different than the other ones.
  • Before the Orange Puffle came out, the penguin there was orange. After the Orange Puffle came out, the penguin was brown. This was confirmed as the next puffle was brown.