10th Anniversary Party

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10th Anniversary Party
10th Anniversary Party logo.
Members only No
When September 30, 2015 - October 21, 2015
Free Item(s) See list
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) Aunt Arctic
Where Club Penguin Island
Preceded by
Descendants Party
Succeeded by
Halloween Party 2015

The 10th Anniversary Party was a party in Club Penguin. It started on September 30, 2015 and ended on October 21, 2015. During the party, on the desktop version, members were able to adopt the Black T-Rex and the Pink Stegosaurus; on the mobile version, all players were able to adopt the Golden Puffle.[1]



The party was first mentioned in a blog post revolving around June 2015 events. [2] On July 21st, 2015, it was confirmed that there will be more rooms decorated than just the Coffee Shop. [3] Players will be asked to choose decorations for the Beach, the Cove and the Pizza Parlor to have during this party. The first vote was to choose Beach's decoration between the Adventure Party 2009, Holiday Party 2012 and Penguin Cup. [4] The second vote was to choose Pizza Parlor's decoration between the Submarine Party 2008, Island Adventure Party 2011 and Card-Jitsu Party 2013. [5] The third and last one vote was to choose Cove's decoration between the Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit, Prehistoric Party 2013 and Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013. [6]

Free items[edit]

A total of thirty-six free items were made available for this party. Items marked with (Memberbadge.png) indicate that the item could only be obtained by members or with (MyPenguinIcon.PNG) indicate that the item could only be obtained in the mobile version of the game.


All the decorated rooms are decorated to look like past Club Penguin party (except for the Town and Coffee Shop, while are solely focused on the anniversary). Each room also features a robotic version of a different mascot giving a brief history of the party featured. [7]

Room Party Mascot Description
Beach Adventure Party 2009 Sensei I feel a great calmness here. Originating from the 2009 Adventure Party, this peaceful place teems with life. Perhaps I should journey from the Dojo more often... such discovery is food for the spirit.
Beacon Summer Kickoff Party 2007 Tour Robot This Summer Kick Off 2007 room was the spot to be for sun tanning. Catch some rays or take a relaxing jet pack ride.
Penguin Fact: The rare Blue Lei was last available during this party.
Book Room Halloween Party 2008 Tour Robot Dont let this cozy setting fool you - there was not place to hide during the Halloween Party of 2008.
Penguin Fact: There's a secret door in this room. To find it, you'll need to light the way!
Casa Fiesta Music Jam 2011 Tour Robot The conga line starts here! This rocking joint from the Music Jam 2011 was an all-day dance party!
Penguin Fact: In 2011, twenty penguins formed a dancing conga line here. Can you beat their record?
Clothes Shop Prehistoric Party 2014 Tour Robot This nice hair sallon. Must behave. No smashy-smashy. They say this from Prehistoric Party 2014 but that silly. This not year 2014.
Penguin Fact: Gary deciphred caveguin. "Ooga booga" means grumpy. Or scary. Or maybe month?
Cove Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit Dot The Temple of Fruit was all about feeding fruit to a hungry volcano. And the reward? Smoothie Smash! You might not have even noticed me at this party. I was testing my lemon costume.
Dance Club Summer Party 2006 Tour Robot Get down to the sounds of Summer Party 2006! This classic room asked the question? Why swim when you can dance? Wooo!
Penguin Fact: The beach was officially opened during the 2006 Summer Party.
Dock Camp Penguin Aunt Arctic Welcome to Camp Penguin everyone! Enjoy a fish burger picnic at this lovely outdoor grill from the Camp Party of 2007.
Epic Wave Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Tour Robot This gnarly wave rolled in for the Summer Jam of 2013. Better grab your board and ride!
Penguin Fact: During the party, DJ Cadence stopped by to share some tunes and shred the waves.
Forest Island Adventure Party 2010 Rockhopper Yarr, this spot be close to me heart. A wee inlet to toss off yer boots and rest yer-sea soaked toes. Island Adventure Party 2010 they called it, and it be a sweet adventure indeed.
Highway Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Tour Robot Drive away on this strip of highway from the Summer Jam of 2013. This was a favorite stop for penguins who wanted to feel the wind in their hair.
Penguin Fact: Penguins without vehicles are welcome!
Iceberg April Fools' Party 2008 Tour Robot Whoa... umm? This room appeared on April Fools 2008... we were as confused by it then as we are now.
Penguin Fact: If you drop a raisin into soda water it will bob up and down.
Lighthouse Puffle Party 2014 Tour Robot WOOF WOOF MEOWWW - those were the sounds of the Puffle Party 2014 as dog and cat puffle joined the island.
Penguin Fact: The dog and cat puffles stowed away on Rockhopper's ship to reach Club Penguin!
Lounge Holiday Party 2011 Tour Robot Ho ho whoa! Penguins got special access to Santa's workshop during the Holiday Party of 2011.
Penguin Fact: In 2011, Coins for Change donated 2 million dollars to charities.
Magic Sleigh Ride Holiday Party 2009 Tour Robot This sled has been delivering joy and presents since the Holiday Party of 2009. If you're afraid of heights... don't look down.
Penguin Fact: The sled runs on Christmas cheer and rainbow puffle farts!
Mine Shack Pi Day Gary This is where we celebrated Pi Day 2015. While math is exciting on its own, we supplied pie to enhance the experience! What is your favorite kind of pie? Apple, peach, or 3.14?
Plaza Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Rookie The 2013 Summer Jam was totally tubular? Or maybe circular? Either way, enjoy the sand and surf from this hot party!
Pizza Parlor Card-Jitsu Party 2013 Tour Robot In the Card-Jitsu Party of 2013, ninjas would stop here for a bite to eat.
Penguin Fact: Sensei came across one of Club Penguin's most dangerous villains at this party: Tusk!
Puffle Berry Mall Merry Walrus Party Tour Robot Get your last minute shopping done at this Merry Walrus 2014 party room! This was such a popular stop that the Mall became permanent in 2015.
Penguin Fact: These are the first (and only) escalators on Club Penguin island!
Puffle Feeding Area Puffle Party 2011 Tour Robot O'berries? Most like Throw Berries, am I right? This room from the 2011 Puffle Party is the one that every puffle wanted back!
Secret Laboratory Halloween Party 2008 Tour Robot This lab showed up during the Halloween party of 2008. It's the perfect stop for your new creation.
Penguin Fact: The strange creations were made in this Secret Lab have long since left the island... probably.
School Medieval Party 2013 Tour Robot Abracadabra! Remember those words - they'll be on the test. Gary taught young witches and sorceres at this wizardry school during the Medieval Party of 2013.
Penguin Fact: This party introduced Gary's magical relative: Garianna!
Ski Hill Sports Party Tour Robot Read Team or Team Blue? This was the choice during the Sports Party of 2006. What are you waiting for? Grab a sled and gooooooooo!
Penguin Fact: Sled Racing is one of the original Club Penguin mini-games!
Ski Village Music Jam 2011 Cadence This Music Jam 2011 room is a wicked place to start your career. Grab an instrument and play for the crowds outside the Casa Fiesta!
Snow Forts Puffle Party 2009 PH G'day mate! Can ya guess why this is a favorite room of mine? Right-o, it's all the puffles. They love a good snowball fight!
Stadium Christmas Party 2005 Tour Robot It doesn't get any more vintage than this! The Christmas Party of 2005 was one of the first parties. It led the way for all our future fun!
Penguin Fact: The Santa Hat made its first appearance here.
Tree Forts Island Adventure Party 2010 Tour Robot This pirate tree for comes from the Island Adventure Party of 2010. Throw a snowball at the pale red plant to watch it grow!
Penguin Fact: Throwing a snowball is never a bad idea on Club Penguin' island.
Wizard Library Medieval Party 2013 Tour Robot Cramming for an exam on Slime Brewing 101? Work on your wizardry in this Medieval 2013 room.
Penguin Fact: If you messed up a potion during this party, you'd get turned into a puffle chicken. Oops!

After malfunctioning[edit]

MascBot Description
Aunt Arctic WelcOME to Camp penguin. EnJoy a FisH burgEr pICnic aT tHe CaMP PArtY of 2007... **ZOT***. Compile ERRROR!!: COULD NOT FIND CP2015 MODULE((!:[]__ RESTART TO RECOVER
Cadence ThiS MuSIC JaM 2011 rooM is wICKed. (evaluating "wicked". Set $self to true) Grab an insStruMeNt and plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa **CLICK** [{hello world}]
Dot The TeMple of Fruit was all aBout feeding fruit to a hUngry volcano. And the *BEEeeep* ...;;Error text = Null object reference. unrecoverable error. have a nice day.
Gary ThIs is whEre we cElebraTed Pi DAy 2015. And whiLe *BEEEEP* maTh is already eXciting.... *BZzzzzzttttt* ....... g:/>dir /p no file found sorry dave sorry dave retry retry command reboot
PH G'day maTe! Can ya gUess why this is a faVourite room of miNe? RiGht-o, its becauSe of... *Diinngg? DIIInnngggg* ;;.......error 503 unexpected error please call manufacturer *BZZZZTTT*
Rockhopper Yarr, this be a spot closE to me heaRt. A wee inlet to toss of yer *BZZZBBZZTT* BoOts and rEst yer *Beeeoooooooppp* corrupt file cortex.exe (err 2085: uh oh) *BZZZzzzztt*
Rookie The 2013 Summer Jaaam was totally tubular! ((Goto [email protected])) EnJoY tHE sanD...DANGER DANGER! *ZZT* **BZORT**
Sensei I feel a grEat calmnEss here. OrigiNating from tHe 2009 AdVenture ParTy *BZZZzzzzztttt* ;;error 392 erasing the contents of sensei.cfg
Megg WelcOme Toth E tente <<BZZZT>> *Anniversary. Solve megg.gif problem, a virus detected.. Have a G00d Dai


Party Pictures[edit]

September 30 - October 14[edit]

October 14 - 21 (MascBots 2999 malfunctioning)[edit]

Party Rooms[edit]

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  • It was the longest Anniversary Party of Club Penguin, with 21 days of celebration.
  • It was the first Anniversary Party that did not happen on October 24 (Club Penguin's birthday).
  • The entrance to the School in the Stadium was closed (because in 2005 it didn't exist).
  • The entrance to the Puffle Wild in the Ski Village was closed (because in 2011 it didn't exist).
  • The Snow Forts is labeled as the Puffle Party 2009, but it is actually the Puffle Party 2010 (in the 2009 party there weren't White Puffles).
  • It was the second Anniversary Party to be decorated beyond the Town, Coffee Shop and Book Room, the first being the 3rd Anniversary Party.

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