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Sam the Sasquatch
Full Name Sam
Species Sasquatch
Position Sasquatch
Appeared Club Penguin Island
Color Brown
Clothing ?????
Related To Puffles (adoptive family)
Friends With Puffles
Meetable Character? Yes

Sam is a sasquatch living in Club Penguin Island's wilderness. He gives away the Mystery Background.



According to Sam, he was frozen in ice for a long time until he woke up. Sometime after he woke up Sam started living in the wilderness with Puffle Creatures, believing he was a puffle himself. Because of this, Sam fed on O-Berries, although the berries weren't enough to completely satisfy him.[1] To help satisfy his appetite, Sam ate Fluffies.

2014-Present: Out of the Woods[edit]

On August 7, 2014, a mysterious creature titled the "Sasquatch" started wandering around the island. The Sasquatch was very shy, didn't speak and ran away from large crowds of penguins.

On the day the Puffle Party 2015 started, the Fluffy cake in the Puffle Lodge mysteriously disappeared. The Puffle Handler thought that a giant puffle stole the cake although the true suspect was later revealed to be a hungry Sasquatch. PH let the Sasquatch keep the Fishing Rod that players found in the Puffle Lodge and he apologized for eating the cake.

At the Wilderness Expedition 2016, the penguins searched for the Sasquatch's village. When they found the village, the Sasquatch's real name, Sam, was revealed.


Sam has a very penguin-like body with lots of brown fur. He wears what appears to be the Beta Hat on his head. He has a beige face with large black eyebrows and what appears to be a mane or a beard, similar to Rockhopper. Around his eyes he has a small brown outline. He also has a penguin-like beak with a tooth on each side. Going down from his chest to his belly is a long beige pattern similar to the white pattern on a penguin. He has four black fingers on each hand and paw-like feet.


Sam first appeared in Club Penguin's files in August 2014 named "??????". On August 7, 2014, Sam was given a background and Mascot data. On August 9, 2014, he started to walk around the island, giving players his background.

On March 18, 2016, Megg asked suggestions for the sasquatch's real name. The options given were Bronk, Scruff, Reginald and Sam.[2] On April 19, 2016, Megg posted a followup and Sam was selected as the sasquatch's new name.[3]


List of Sam's appearances

Dialogue and Scripts[edit]

Sasquatch's Dialogue
Puffle Party 2015
  • MORE SCALEY FOOD! Mmmm! So filling!
  • The sasquatch biggest in family
  • We eat 'o-berries, but the sasquatch still hungry!
  • The sasquatch eat scaley food.
  • The sasquatch sorry.
Sasquatch's Scripts
August 2014
  • Hmph
  • growls
  • grumbles
  • Huh?
  • Eh?
  • oh
  • Umm
  • Umm?
  • Ugh
  • UGH!
  • Gah!
  • grumble grumble
  • grunts
  • scratches belly
  • yawns
  • stretches
  • blinks
  • shakes off snow
  • hides
  • growls
  • stomach grumbles
  • Unnh
  • Hmph
Puffle Party 2015
  • Ah
  • Hi
  • Hello
  • bear hugs
  • Oops!
  • Sasquatch sorry
  • Uh huh!
  • Ummm
  • Uh nope
  • shakes head
  • nods head
  • shrugs
  • That good question
  • Sasquatch not have name...
  • what good name?
  • Sasquatch come from Wilds
  • The Wilds good
  • Waterfalls fun to slide on
  • Puffles nice family
  • Sasquatch grow up with puffles
  • Sasquatch thought he was puffle!
  • That seem funny now...
  • Sasquatch bigger than puffles...
  • and have more limbs
  • waves arms
  • Sasquatch not remember
  • Sasquatch sleep in ice for long time
  • When sasquatch wake up...
  • Sasquatch have pointy hat
  • So happy to meet you!
  • Sasquatch meet lots of new friends
  • So many!
  • Sasquatch not remember all names...
  • but sasquatch try!
  • Sasquatch like...
  • fishing
  • climbing
  • eating
  • exploring
  • Sasquatch always speak
  • but sasquatch nervous...
  • Sasquatch didn't know penguins yet
  • Where we going?
  • Are you puffle guide?
  • Sasquatch follow you
  • What this place called?
  • Oooh
  • Is there food here?
  • Can we climb here?
  • Sasquatch like to climb
  • climbs
  • swings
  • What does this do?
  • Ahhh!
  • Uh oh
  • Sasquatch should not touch maybe?
  • Sasquatch go inside?
  • This much bigger than puffle hut
  • Sasquatch go out?
  • Sasquatch think you good guide
  • Sasquatch been here!
  • Sasquatch like the Forest
  • It like Wilds but tiny
  • Tiny Wilds hehe
  • Can Sasquatch fish here?
  • stomach grumbles
  • Mmmmmm
  • Omnomnom
  • eats noisily
  • This so good!
  • Better than o'berries!
  • What is this?
  • Can sasquatch eat this?
  • Yum!
  • Yuck!
  • Nope!
  • hahaha
  • You want some?
  • shares
  • It good right?
  • Club Penguin have many foods!
  • Sasquatch like it
  • PH is nice
  • PH helped sasquatch get fish...
  • and Rodney
  • That fishing rod's name
  • PH know all kinds of puffles!
  • She know more than sasquatch...
  • And sasquatch WAS a puffle!
  • PH
  • Hello
  • Sasquatch exploring with friends
  • Sasquatch saw...
  • the Town
  • the Ski Village
  • the Forest
  • the Pizza Parlour
  • Pizza Parlour full of food!
  • That brilliant penguin idea...
  • putting food in one place
  • Much better than searching...
  • for wild o'berries
  • Sasquatch learn...
  • how to make pizza
  • how to hop hydro
  • about fake boulder in Forest
  • roars
  • claps
  • jumps back
  • WOAH!
  • AHH!
  • pets puffle
  • scratches belly
  • yawns
  • stretches
  • blinks
  • shakes off snow
  • nice puffle
  • that good puffle
  • stomach grumbles
  • Sasquatch need food
  • Bye for now
  • Thanks for showing Sasquatch...
  • fun island places
  • Sasquatch going to Wilds
  • Big family dinner tonight



  • Sam nicknamed his fishing rod Rodney.[1]
  • Prior to Card-Jitsu's release, Sensei was also called "??????".

Sources and References[edit]